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I think art is whatever makes you happy and once you find that your life will become a masterpiece


If we date, you best believe I am treating you like a princess. Buying you flowers, painting for you, sending you those good morning and good night texts. I wanna take you out on dates, give you my clothes to wear, buy you gifts just cause I wanna show you how special you are to me. I’ll show you off in public because you won’t be a “little secret” all my friends and family will know you’re mine. Baby i’ll make all your dreams come true.

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PARAHOY! Giveaway!

Hey friends, in honor of the Paramore’s Self-Titled Album one-year anniversary, I am doing a giveaway! Pictured above is everything included in the prize pack:

  • PARAHOY! sunglasses
  • PARAHOY! beach tote bag
  • PARAHOY! wrist band
  • PARAHOY! poster signed by the members of Paramore

All of these items were exclusive to cruise-goers and as far as I am aware cannot be purchased via the PARAHOY! store. Although this giveaway is open to everyone, I wanted to give those who were not able to go on PARAHOY! a chance to take home a piece of Para-history so please don’t be greedy if you already have this stuff.

 Here be the rules, arrrrrrrgghh:

  • Reblog this post ONCE to enter for a chance to win this PARAHOY! prize pack - multiple reblogs will not increase your chances of winning (and will annoy your followers, so be kind!) Likes do not count for a chance to win, you MUST reblog this post to be entered.
  • The contest is open from 04/10/2014 to 04/13/2014 closing at midnight on the 13th (CST).
  • Contest is open worldwide. 
  • The Winner will be chosen at random via and will be contacted via tumblr ask (so please have your asks open!)
  • No giveaway blogs will be considered in this contest, all entries will be vetted before the winner is finalized.
  • The winners must be willing to provide shipping information. 
  • Please tag your reblog with #lostbeneaththesea so I can access the entries better.


All pictures were taken courtesy of Julie

Reblogging this for those of y’all that are interested

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relationship tip #78: ‘babe’ and ‘baby’ are cliche and outdated. try a fun new nickname such as ‘lieutenant’ instead 

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